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Doesn't work. I miss listening to 990!

Completely doesn't function. Is there a fix?

Works the first time loading, although very buggy, change stations or close the app and then it's completely nonfunctional afterwards until you uninstall and then reinstall.


Won't deploy. Worthless app. Doesn't open.

Broke, Please Fix

I used to listen to this every morning. But now it won't play any stations. It opens and says "Retrieving Latest Content" and never gets any further. The only way to get the app working again is to delete and reload. But as soon as I try to switch stations it goes back into its endless loop saying "Retrieving Latest Content" This has been going on for months. PLEASE FIX!

Salem Communications

Will not open. Just hangs on loading content

Mediocre at best

The app takes forever to connect, when it does, you must listen to a 25 second ad before the program starts ( which includes advertising). I listen to get current information, and this app spends more time trying to sell me than inform me. Perhaps the most annoying aspect is that it disconnects constantly. Over all it is a weak attempt.

Great app for republicans

I recommend this app for anyone that is a conservative

Made it Worse

Used to be able to listen to various SRN stations from this app. Not anymore. Used to love the versatility now it's just a fancy looking player for 1 station only.


Great line up...but constant crashes on my iPod. Most unstable program I've downloaded, ever.

Great App!

Listen at your leisure to intelligent talk

Good stuff

Can I get some retina love?

Too many commercials

The app is good, buy there are too many commercial breaks.

I love this app!

I'm not sure if I was the first download, but I am the first person to rate this app. I am a huge fan! It's very easy to use and I love how easy it is to browes through stations. Well done.

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